[rt-users] RT and Nagios

Gary Greene ggreene at minervanetworks.com
Thu Apr 29 13:25:40 EDT 2010

We're in the process of rolling out network and machine monitoring here
using Nagios, so I'd be very interested in this, please send the info my way
when you've the opportunity. Thanks.

On 4/28/10 2:34 PM, "Hossein Rafighi" <Hossein.Rafighi at triumf.ca> wrote:

> Hi,
> We have modified rt-crontool to create Nagios alerts. This woks with
> nrpe and unlike SendNgiosAlert doesn't require any additional modules
> installation. If you have running Nagios server it can easily pull
> relevant stuff from RT. Nagios will send a warning email if:
> Tickets are new for more than 24hours
> Tickets are open for more than 5days
> It will generate a critical email if:
> Tickets are new for more than 48hours
> Tickets are open for more than 7days.
> If the status of a ticket is stalled, then our script will ignore it. It
> is our policy to change the ticket status to stalled if a ticket is
> required to remain open for more than one week. Since we are a 24x7x360
> lab, we decided to include weekends and holidays in the script. If
> you're interested let me know and I can send/post scripts and required
> steps. Again, this script is modified version of rt-crontool.
> Sample email:
> ***** Nagios 2.8 *****
> Notification Type: PROBLEM
> Service: Q-CCN
> Host: helpdesk
> Address:
> State: WARNING
> Date/Time: Tue Apr 27 14:55:37 PDT 2010
> Additional Info:
> 0 new tickets: 0  24h, 0  48h: 1 open: 1  120h, 0  168h
> Cheers,
> Hossein Rafighi

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