[rt-users] RTx:Tags - can you have queue specific tagclouds

john habermann john.haberman at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 21:41:04 EDT 2010


I have been using RTx:Tags and am finding it quite useful but I have been
trying to figure out how I can have different the terms in the tagcloud that
is shown be dependent on the queue that the person has permission to view.
At the moment I have the tags custom field assigned to a single queue
"General" but a user that does not have access to that queue sees the
tagcloud in the simple search. They don't see any tickets under the tags but
I was wondering if they should be seeing the tagcloud at all?
I have tried creating another customfield tags and assigning this to the
other queue in an effort to give them their own custom tagcloud but that has
not worked. For all users outside of those with permission for the General
queue the tagcloud if full of terms that have no relevance to them.
Does anyone know how you might go about having tagclouds that are specific
to a queue?

Thank you

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