[rt-users] RTAddressRegexp - not clear to me

Joseph Spenner joseph85750 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 11:28:50 EDT 2010

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--- On Tue, 7/27/10, Mike Johnson <mike.johnson at nosm.ca> wrote:

You need to include both, the queue email addresses, AND anything that forwards email to RT.
That setting prevents RT from sending emails that will "loop" infinitely in your system.
For example.
RT is setup with the basic autoreply, and reply on correspondence etc.
RT has 2 queues, support at here.com goes to general, and it at here.com goes to IT queue.
If it at here.com emails support at here.com the general queue will autoreply to it at here.com which will create a ticket and autoreply to support at here.com which will create a ticket and auto-reply to it at here.com etc etc etc....

Big loop, never ending, blow up RT :P
If you set the regular expression to support at here.com when RT emails out, it'll filter any emails going to support at here.com.  This will ensure no loop happens.

SO to recap, RTAddressRegexp has to be a regular expression that ALL email addresses that send stuff to RT will validate through.
Hope this helps!

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Joseph Spenner <joseph85750 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Upon nearly completing my RT installation, and running:

# make initialize-database

I got the message:

[Tue Jul 27 17:12:29 2010] [error]: The RTAddressRegexp option is not set in the config. Not setting this option results in additional SQL queries to check whether each address belongs to RT or not. It is especially important to set this option if RT recieves emails on addresses that are not in the database or config. (/home/packages/rt-3.8.8/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm:343)

Now inserting data
Done inserting data
If I have 3 queues, ie:
support-help at bob.domain.com
sales-help at bob.domain.com

it-requests at bob.domain.com
Do I need to list all those addresses (and any future addresses) in that RTAddressRegexp option ?  Or is this only if I have something at (ie:) help at jack.somewhere.com forwarding to my RT system in which case I'd want to add:  help at jack.somewhere.com to the RTAddressRegexp option ?

So this 'loop' should only occur if:

1) auto respond/reply is enabled for the queue defined in the scrips
2) somehow, an RT queue address (with auto reply enabled) somehow gets included into another queues ticket


Is this potential something new?  I've been using RT2 since about 2001 and never seen this happen.  Or is it just a safeguard?

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After further research, I found information indicating RTAddressRegexp is only needed if the "ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs" option is enabled.  Can anyone confirm this?

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