[rt-users] How to Manage a First plus Second Level Support Configuration

Andrea Perotti aperotti at cutaway.it
Mon Aug 2 11:41:47 EDT 2010

	I've been asked to configure our RT (RT 3.8.2, migration to 3.8.8
planned during August, Mod_Perl, MySQL 5.0) to support a new process.

The request is to have 2 queues with equal CF : the first one is public
and everyone write in there via mail. Then some Privileged users take
those tickets, fill CF and try to solve them.

If 1 Level isn't able to solve, from a logical point of view, the ticket
has to be passed to queue "2 Level".

The request is that the first ticket [#01] will remain in the L1 queue,
but will be created a new ticket [#02] in queue L2, with at least the
following values :

* sender
* CF

taken from the old ticket. #2 have to be signed as a depedency
for #1 so it cannot be closed without L2 really close the derived ticket.

A mechanism similar to the one activated in the Display page when you
click on the Create link in the Links (green) section will be fine :


BUT the new ticket should be created in the L2 queues: from the Create
page it's not possible to change the queue where you're going to create it.

I've noticed that some parameters are passed, so I guess it would be
enough to set the Queue value to L2 and I would be happy.

I thought to add a flag CF: once checked the create page with clone
ticket and all the other parameters populated, but how can I recall the
link to the Create page populated with those parameters in a workflow -
with scrips?

I'm a little bit stuck in how to solve it.

Have you already solved similar situations?
How would you solve it?
If anything isn't clear to you please ask.

Any hint will be well accepted

thank you!

Andrea Perotti

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