[rt-users] How to Manage a First plus Second Level Support Configuration

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Tue Aug 3 07:40:53 EDT 2010

Hi Andrea,

first of all you should have applied the custom fields to both queues.
If you then create a ticket with the create button under links, then the
custom fields values should also be copied.
You can then manually change the queue or you could try the following
to create the ticket in another queue.

We use even another way.
I have created an customfield (select one value).
On customfield value change I trigger an scrip that create the depending
ticket in an queue (depending on the selected value of this customfield)
and copie the other needed customfield values to that ticket.
If you want to got this way I can send you the scrip I use.

I have also tweaked our ticket create page.
If you come from the create button in link to the ticket create page
(clone a ticket), then you can change the queue.
Maybe you want a patch for that?


Am 02.08.2010 22:15, schrieb Andrea Perotti:
> Il 02/08/2010 19:26, Kenneth Crocker ha scritto:
>> If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to create a
>> "DependsOn" link/ticket in another Queue from the L1 Queue?
> Thank you for your reply.
> I'm already able to manually create linked ticket from one queue to
> another, the problem is that I cannot copy the CF values from one to the
> other one: the only way to have this behaviour is to create the
> dependency in the same queue.
> My goal is to do this in a semi automatic way.
> I need to be able to create a new ticket, in the Queue L2, with the same
> custom fields taken from a ticket from L1 Queue and with a relation of
> dependency. Perfect would be to let the user who manage in L1 the ticket
> to add a comment or a message in the new ticket, but I could manage the
> passage in other ways (maybe taking the last message or comment from the
> L1 ticket.
> I hope this have clarified the situation.
> cheers

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