[rt-users] Editing elements does not work

Marco Dieckhoff dieckhoff at bremskerl.de
Tue Aug 3 09:11:03 EDT 2010


I installed 3.8.7 (yes, I'll update soon, but the package was already 
there ;)) on Ubuntu 10.04, with apache2 fastcgi.
Works fine.

Now I wanted to edit some Files to add a link to our time-tracking 
utility, as it is now working fine in 3.8.2.

All changed files (*) are in /usr/share/request-tracker3.8/html/
* I edited Elements/PersonalQuickbar (in 3.8.2 this was still in 
Elements/Header) for a general link (2nd line added)
% if ($session{'CurrentUser'}->Name) {
<a href="http://server/directory/timetracking/" target="_blank">time 
tracker</a> |
<&|/l, "<span>".$session{'CurrentUser'}->Name."</span>" &>Logged in as 

* Ticket/Elements/Tabs for a ticket specific link
Added into $ticket_page_tabs:

   _Z => {
             title => loc('time tracker'),
             path  => "http://server/directory/timetracking/?newEntry=" 
. $id,

* Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary to add an element for time-tracking summary.

<&| /Widgets/TitleBox, title => loc('time tracker'),
                 title_href => 
                 class => 'ticket-info-links' &>
<& /Elements/ShowTimeTracking, Ticket => $Ticket &>

(just before </td> </tr> </table> at the end)

* Of course, there is a new Elements/ShowTimeTracking


my $tid = $Ticket->id;
my $webdata = `wget -O - 
my $path
     = RT->Config->Get('WebPath')
     . '/Ticket/Create.html?Queue='
     . $Ticket->Queue
     . '&CloneTicket='
     . $Ticket->id;

After these changes I restarted Apache2 (/etc/init.d/apache2 restart), 
but nothing changed.
No signs of my added texts/links.

Is there another trick, has fastcgi some lasting caches?
Do I have to change something else than the files mentioned above?

FastCGI seems to be restarted ok, I tried apache2 stop, looked for 
processes (found none), and started again.
 > FastCGI: server 
"/usr/share/request-tracker3.8/libexec/mason_handler.fcgi" started (pid 

There are no errors in the apache logs.

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