[rt-users] form-workflow during ticket creation

Robert Urban urban at unix-beratung.de
Wed Aug 4 20:23:15 EDT 2010

hello folks,

I'm new to RT.

I'd like to set up ticket creation such that tables in an independent relational 
database (postgresql) can be used to force choices in some fields/menus, and 
perhaps display information in other fields.


my company offers products Product-A, Product-B, Product-C.

Product-A has versions "2.11p3", "2.13", "3.0", etc.
Product-B has versions "b56-03", "b56-04", "b57-01" etc.

I'd like a drop-down menu where ticket creator must choose "Product-A", 
"Product-B", etc. After she has chosen the applicable product, I'd like another 
drop-down menu with the appropriate versions for that product.

I've done a bit of research and it isn't clear to me if this is possible, or if 
it is, what RT mechanisms could be used to implement it.

Is it possible?  If yes, I would be grateful for some pointers to 
examples/howtos or other tips on how to proceed.

I can imagine that the above could be *relative* simple to implement. I can 
imagine a somewhat trickier scenario, though, in which the ticket creator has to 
supply a license-ID in a field, after which the menus above (product, version), 
would be dynamically populated after a DB lookup to determine what products 
and/or versions were linked to that particular license-ID.  Is *that* possible? 
  (well, without getting into nitty-gritty AJAX programming?)


Rob Urban

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