[rt-users] Send a mail without a subject tag?

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Fri Aug 6 07:44:20 EDT 2010

 I'd like to send an e-mail to our SMS gateway from RT in certain
circumstances (tickets created overnight in certain queues). It accepts
mails where the subject line is the cellphone number. So, I've created a
custom condition, and used Notify Other Recipients with a template like

To: smsgw at mydomain.com
Subject: 12125551212

New Ticket: http://support.mydomain.com/{$Ticket->id}

However, by the time it gets to the far end, the subject looks like this:
[mydomain.com #234] 12125551212

which upsets the SMS gateway.

Is there any way to suppress the subject tag for certain templates? Or
do I need to just write a custom action that uses Mail::Sender or
whatever? It'd be nice to be able to edit the message layout without
having to edit code.

The wiki says that the SendEmailAction is built into RT 3.8 but there
isn't a Send Email action, so I'm assuming that Notify Other Recipients
is the equivalent thing it's talking about. Is that correct? My brief
reading of RT::Action::SendEmail suggests that it will ALWAYS add the
subject tag...

Thanks for any illumination/experiences,


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