[rt-users] 2 advanced queries and graphics

Elton S. Fenner elton.fenner at al.rs.gov.br
Mon Aug 9 15:30:20 EDT 2010


Before asking my questions I wanna say thanks for RT.
We are celebrating the first anniversary of RT installation and just 
reached ticket #25680.

So, I'm gonna do my best to explain my needs it would be better if I 
could do it in pt_BR ;-)

First question:
We have a bunch of queues. There are 3 main areas and each area has 4 to 
6 queues. Eventually one queue is created and another one became 
obsolete (disabled).
Here is an example of a query:
( Queue = 'DTI::Suporte::Eventos' OR Queue = 'DTI::Suporte::Garantia' OR 
Queue = 'DTI::Suporte::Help' OR Queue = 'DTI::Suporte::Interno' OR Queue 
= 'DTI::Suporte::Labo' OR Queue = 'DTI::Suporte::Tecnico' ) AND (  
LastUpdated < '7 days ago' AND Status != 'resolved' )

I would like to do something like this (use a wildcard to all those queues):
( Queue = 'DTI::Suporte*' ) AND (  LastUpdated < '7 days ago' AND Status 
!= 'resolved' )

So I don't need to review my queries on any queue change.
Is it possible?
Can someone help me with that?

Second question:
I have some graphics by month, by owner, etc.
Now I need something I don't know how to get. I need to create a graphic 
that shows how much time it toke to solve these tickets (Y = number of 
tickets; X = hours):
- how many tickets has been solved in 1 hour since open time;
- same as above, but 2 hours;
- same as above, but 4 hours;
- same as above, but 8 hours;
The period can be by month, 3 month, 6 month, one year...

Is it possible to create this graphic in RT?
Can someone give me some tips to do it?



*Elton S. Fenner,*
Analista de Rede,
Assembléia Legislativa do RS
Brasil (Brazil)
+55 51 3210-1249

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