[rt-users] Exim - simple config

Graeme Fowler G.E.Fowler at lboro.ac.uk
Thu Aug 12 12:47:29 EDT 2010

I've replied to David off-list with detail on this, but for
completeness... I'm one of the Exim maintainers.

On 12/08/10 17:15, David Lane (IT Support) wrote:
> Graeme - Thanks for the suggestion but Exim is not happy for me to do
> piped settings in the alias file and (the Exim documentation
> specifically says not to do this ) ...

Before anyone thinks "oh, that's bad" - the default configuration file
supplied with the Exim source code explicitly permits the use of pipes
in aliases, with corresponding detail on how to make them work properly.

How Exim is packaged depends greatly on the packager/distribution, and
can vary a great deal from the default. Consulting with your package,
packager or distro documentation or support channels can help a great deal.


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