[rt-users] Where is HTML code for Create.html?

G.Booth G.Booth at lboro.ac.uk
Fri Aug 13 10:53:17 EDT 2010

Hi Max

you'll have to bear with me, as Im not familiar with the ARS program so Im 
trying to visualize what you're trying to do in my head :-[

I assume you just want the textarea to appear on the Create.html page below 
the message box. Two ways spring to ming from the code snippet you sent

1) use the callback % $m->callback( %ARGS, QueueObj => $QueueObj, 
CallbackName =>
'AfterMessageBox' ); stick you code in that and off you go

2) stick it below/above (your choice)
<& /Elements/Submit, Label => loc("Create")&>

This will position the textarea, but Im not sure if it'll populate on the 
fly happily, you'll have to call the .js file somehow (via onchange as a 
guess). You may need to go down the ajax route for that. Ive something 
vaguely similar to this using ajax (not quite perfect as it wrecks the 
ability to add more than one attachments to the initial create :-\), that 
ill send if the above doesnt do what you want.



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