[rt-users] Where is HTML code for Create.html?

Mark Jenks mark.jenks at iodincorporated.com
Fri Aug 13 10:19:10 EDT 2010

Something like this would be great for V4.   Search RTFM and send


Or at least a plugin?


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Thanks Garry -


I was able to find everything I asked for!


New question:


How/where would I fit:


<textarea name="Message" id="Message" class="Field300" rows="8"
onkeyup="ARS(this.id <http://this.id/> );"></textarea>


<div id="SearchResults"></div>


into the actual RT code:



<td colspan="6">

<&|/l&>Describe the issue below</&>:<br />

% $m->callback( %ARGS, QueueObj => $QueueObj, CallbackName =>
'BeforeMessageBox' );

% if (exists $ARGS{Content}) {

<& /Elements/MessageBox, Default => $ARGS{Content}, IncludeSignature =>
0 &>

% } else {

<& /Elements/MessageBox, QuoteTransaction => $QuoteTransaction &>


% $m->callback( %ARGS, QueueObj => $QueueObj, CallbackName =>
'AfterMessageBox' );


<br />





I want to keep the page exactly the same, and not mess up anything with
any database interaction -- but I'd love to have this ARS from the
knowledge base pop up!

Max McGrath
Asst. Network Admin/Systems Specialist
Carthage College
mmcgrath at carthage.edu

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 2:48 AM, G.Booth <G.Booth at lboro.ac.uk> wrote:

	Hi Max
	The html is held in several areas
	You will need to copy /opt/rt3/share/html/Elements/header to
/opt/rt3/local/html/Elements/ for the header section
	/opt/rt3/share/html/Ticket/Create.html to
/opt/rt3/local/html/Ticket for the body.


Hi Max

Just to add, the Header file is used by more than just Create.html. If
you want your modifcations to only appear in Create.html and not in say
Modify.html, change the name of the Header file in
/opt/rt3/local/html/Elements to HeaderCreate (or whatever you fancy) and
then modify your local Create.html so the first line of code (afer the
Best Practical blurb):

<& /Elements/Header,

now reads

<& /Elements/HeaderCreate,



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