[rt-users] Autoreply to requestor not working

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Mon Aug 23 18:24:05 EDT 2010

On 23.08.2010 21:43, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> This implies that RT isn't seeing Requestors for that ticket.
> You may want to show a sample of the email being injected into RT
> and look at the user record for the user assigned as a Requestor for
> the ticket.  You're also using a custom Autoreply template, and we
> don't know what you've changed there.
I solved the problem by taking up your idea of dumping the raw mails and
by remembering I had this problem before.

The mail is delivered using a forwarding (info at mydomain goes to
infomydomain at rt-host.mydomain and from there is piped into the
mailgate). It seems that when sending the ticket directly to
infomydomain at rt-host.mydomain, the autoreply is triggered. When sending
it to info at mydomain, it's not.

So i checked the mail contents. There is a valid From: header pointing
to the requestor. The To: header points to the ticket system address. So
it looks good to me, seeing that the From: header is (as far as
rt--mailgate doc is concerned) is relevant for user authentication.
The only difference between the working and the not working mail is that
there is an empty Return-Path header in the broken one. And now it
dawned to me.
In lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm, RT checks for Return-Path =~ /<>/ to
determine a bounce. I had patched this to make our old installation work
("return(0)"), but naturally forgot about the patch.

Now, basically everything works again, but I have 2 questions:

1. does effectively disabling the routine CheckForBounce actually break
something? In over 98000 tickets, I have not experienced a problem with
double bounces or the likes.
2. Why does qmail forward a mail with an empty Return-path? But that's
probably a whole other cup of tea.



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