[rt-users] Changing when a custom field is validated

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Wed Aug 25 03:22:42 EDT 2010

More detailed information:

This is a bit more of what I have attempted, what I think are my
possibilities and an overview of the desired end result.

I realise I can't stop a transaction but I can't think of (or find) a good
alternative to what I require.
I would have thought a Mandatory field meant that I couldn't do anything
with a ticket unless it Validates. There is a big-red box under the custom
field saying 	
'Input must match [Mandatory]' but it doesn't seem to have any effect
(most of the time).

Some options I am considering:
* Have a default value (least desirable option but simplest).
* Disallow form submission with Javascript.
* Change when the Validation is enforced (my preference but is it
* Implement something similar to the WorkFlow wiki which would replace
what I'm trying to do (overly complicated?)
* Revert a Queue change if the field is blank 
  (Mentioned in WriteCustomAction wiki just after the part labeled "Let's
talk about impossible things you don't even want to try to do with a

Desired Workflow:
* A ticket is raised in the initial queue.
* A support user takes the ticket and either fulfills the work or
escalates it.
* The support user should know who can sign off escalated work.
* Upon escalation the ticket needs signoff by an area manager (Unit area)
so a script creates an approval request in the appropriate signoff queue.
* The area managers need seperate queues so they can't signoff other
area's work.

I would like to make the Unit area mandatory so that when a ticket is
escalated the approval request is sent to the correct person for signoff.

Am I completely off track here? 
Is there a much easier way to do what I need to do?
Any/all suggestions/ideas welcome.


On Tue, 24 Aug 2010 22:34:16 -0700, <alister at gossamer-threads.com> wrote:
> Hi rt-users,
> I have created a Custom Field 'Unit' with a new RT install.
> I gave it the '(?#Mandatory).' validation regex and a possible list of 3
> values.
> I require this field to be filled in before it changes Queue but it
> like it is only checked before the ticket is resolved. I can still
> Priority, change Queues, etc. the only restriction seems to be on
> a ticket.
> I checked the mailing lists and wiki but can't find anymore information
> this.
> I would like to know if I can block any changes to a ticket until this
> field is validated. I was hoping I could have a scrip on the ChangeQueue
> event but I can't workout how to stop a transaction. 
> Has anyone done this before or know an approach I could use?
> Thanks in advance,
> /Alister
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