[rt-users] rt-extension-spawnlinkedticket

Alex Young alexyoung at scoutsolutions.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 12:31:45 EDT 2010

After installing rt-extension-spawnlinkedticket on 3.8.8 clicking the
create button under the links section causes an error as the form action
is incorrect.


<form action="//rtElements/SpawnLinkedTicket" name="SpawnLinkedTicket">


This error occurs even if using RTHOME=/opt/rt3 perl Makefile.PL.


The offending line in the plugin seems to be this:

RT->Config->Get('WebURL')."Ticket/Create.html?$query_string" );


Both WebPath and WebBaseURL are set in RT_SiteConfig.pm


Every other plugin seems to work fine.


Anyone know why it might not be pulling WebURL correctly from the RT
Config to construct the correct URL? 

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