[rt-users] Problem with character encodings after migration to new rt 3.8.8

Kiriaki Konstantinidou kiriaki at itsak.gr
Wed Dec 1 09:25:00 EST 2010


After I migrated my installation from rt 3.4.1 to rt 3.8.8, Greek 
characters don't appear correctly. New records in Greek are OK. Only the 
old records have this problem.

I use Mysql 5.0.27 with innoDB backend with collation utf8_general_ci 
(default Mysql and for the rt database).

During the migration I didn't change the mysql version or the collation. 
For the upgrade I followed the instructions in README and UPGRADING.mysql.

If I recall well even in rt 3.4.1 I had a problem reading greek 
characters from phpMyAdmin GUI while the rt GUI was displaying them 
correctly. Now rt displays correctly only the new records.

I can't find anything in the net. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,
Kiriaki Konstantinidou
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