[rt-users] "Auto-Submitted: auto-replied" causes bounces to Google Groups

Koen Van Impe koen.vanimpe at belnet.be
Mon Jun 7 12:07:47 EDT 2010


We recently got a couple of bounces when sending tickets (investigations
and incidents in RTIR) to a customer that had his mail handled by Google.
Mail sent to individuals (through RT) were accepted, group-aliases not.
A bit of investigation on their side (with them getting support from
Google) showed that the messages were rejected because of the header
 "Auto-Submitted: auto-replied"

I can filter this on a Postfix level but before doing so ... would this
affect RT in any way? Is there any configuration in RT that would
prevent RT from inserting this header?

We're running RT 3.8.7.

Thanks for the replies,


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