[rt-users] Upgrade 3.2.2 to 3.8.7

Andrew Best festivus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 06:57:44 EDT 2010

Exactly what I did after posting this. In combination with the Wiki entry I
posted I successfully did a test upgrade. I was mightly impressed with the
performance and the ease of the upgrade. Nice work from the people that made
it so painless. Thank you.

The only problem we had at the end was the Owner field displaying ALL
requesters in the DB. Its a privs issue though. Once I revoked all the privs
and set them up again from scratch the problem went away. Is there a method
to reset all privs on an RT instance?

Ive also got a priv I cannot revoke. I have a group with the
"AdminCustomFields" priviledge. I get a canonicalization error when I try
and revoke it. Sorry I dont have the full error in front of me at the
moment. Anyone got any suggestions?


On 10 June 2010 19:28, Robert Grasso
<robert.grasso+nv at cedrat.com<robert.grasso%2Bnv at cedrat.com>
> wrote:

> once you have untarred the RT 3.8.7 transport archive, in the resulting
> rt-3.8.7 directory, you should read the UPGRADING and
> UPGRADING.mysql documents : they contains the answers to all your questions
> (they guided me successfully for my own upgrade)
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> > Im in the process of preparing to upgrade an ancient RT 3.2.2
> > instance to 3.8.7.
> >
> > The plan is pretty straight forward.
> > Run up new Ubuntu 10.04 host, install and configure blank
> > 3.8.7 instance as per Ubuntu packages.
> > Dump database on old 3.2.2 host, import database onto new Ubuntu host.
> > Run necessary upgrade scripts.
> > Just like http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/MigrateToNewServer.
> >
> > What I would like assistance with is determining what order
> > of upgrades I need to run to get the database to upgrade successfully.
> > I have read about the rt-setup-database which looks like it
> > should do what needs to be done automagically.
> > Perhaps there's some caveats im missing?
> >
> > Can anyone share a clue?

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