[rt-users] Requestor's CCs not sent correspondence

Alyssa Hardy ahardy at nxar.com
Tue Jun 15 19:40:34 EDT 2010


I'm using RT 3.8.7, which I've recently setup. I thought I'd tested this
before, but today it failed. The requestor sent in an email and CC'd two
other users on her email. When our support team replied, the reply was only
sent to the requestor. It failed to be sent to the two CCs that the
requestor added.

I took some scrips out, as I didn't want autreplies and such, but I don't
recall which ones I did remove. For scrips I've got:

1 On Correspond, Open Tickets with template Blank
2 On Owner Change Notify Owner
4 On Create Notify AdminCcs
5 On Correspond Notify AdminCcs with template Admin Correspondence
6 On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence
7 On Correspond Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence
8 On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment
9 On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment
11 On transaction, add any tags in the transaction's subject to the ticket's

Any help or direction on where to dig would be greatly appreciated!
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