[rt-users] Updated subject not used in outgoing email

Angus Rea lists at maculosa.com
Mon Jun 21 03:54:11 EDT 2010

Thanks Joop - yes, the following steps fixed the problem:

a) enabled TransactionBatch in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm by adding:

      Set($UseTransactionBatch , 1);

b) restarted RT

c) changed the Stage for the 'On Create, autoreply' scrip to 

Re the side effects of enabling TransactionBatch, I searched the wiki 
but I couldn't find any specific issues,
at least with the latest versions - any hints as to what these side 
effects may be?

thanks again - Angus

On 21/06/2010 4:48 PM, Joop wrote:
> Angus Rea wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I having a small but annoying problem with two 'On create' scrips
>> which do the following:
>> a) the first one scans the body of the email and updates some fields
>> including the ticket subject:
>> Description: 10 - On Create, set subject and other fields
>>     Condition:   On Create
>>     Action:      User Defined
>>     Template:    Global template: Blank
>>     Stage:       TransactionCreate
>> b) the second one sends an email to the requestor:
>>     Description: 90 - On Create, autoreply to requestors
>> Condition:   On Create
>> Action: Autoreply To Requestors
>> Template: MyAutoReply
>> Stage:       TransactionCreate
>> Both scrips run correctly, except that the updated subject line is
>> not used in the email.
>> Here is the history of a test ticket:
>>    Mon Jun 21 16:26:19 2010 RT_System - Subject changed from 'ECR' to
>> 'ECR: 30R1234 - type - ASY - subject [Angus Rea]'
>>    Mon Jun 21 16:26:20 2010 RT_System - Outgoing email recorded
>> As you can see, the 1st scrip runs and updates the subject and then
>> the 2nd scrip sends the email; however, the subject of
>> the email sent to the requestor is the original subject; ie: just 'ECR'.
> Use stage: TransactionBatch instead but watch out for side effects.
> Regards,
> Joop
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