[rt-users] Thank you for your advice!

Wolfram Huettermann wolfram.huettermann at desy.de
Fri Jun 25 03:47:46 EDT 2010

Kevin Falcone wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 03:45:23PM +0200, Wolfram Huettermann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have got a queue in whose tickets I display some Custom fields
>> (CFs). These CFs should be displayed in a special order determined
>> by their id's. That means: if I fix  21 104 102, then CF #21 is
>> being displayed  first, then CF #104 and then CF #102.  Surely all
>> these CFs belong to the same queue.
>> How is that possible without manipulating the name or description of
>> the CF?
> Configuration -> Queues -> Queue Name -> Ticket Custom Fields
> It helps if you have 3.8.8, Ruslan did a lot of work on custom field
> sorting in that release.
> -kevin
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Hello Kevin,

thank you for

1) reading my request properly.
2) your advice!

English is not my native tongue,  so that it is useful for me to write a 
request down before I type it. Anyway, I like RT very much.



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