[rt-users] Upgrading from RT 3.6.5

Patton, Brandon Brandon.Patton at aspireindiana.org
Fri Jun 25 13:33:14 EDT 2010

Hello, I'm a fairly new Request Tracker user and a novice in the Linux world, but I've inherited this system after a co-worker left. We are in the process of getting more departments to use this product and I want to get it upgraded before we move forward. I have read a lot of the documentation on the Wiki but I'm still not 100% confident on what I'm doing. First, I want to have some type of backup of the current system in case I screw something up. Most of the documentation I see refers to /opt/rt3 but this does not exist on my system. Can someone point me in the right direction of backup up the current system and then upgrading to the newest? Below is the information that I have been able to collect about the system:

OS: Ubuntu 8.04.0
MySQL 5.0.51
PostFix Mail 2.54
Apache 2.28
Request Racker: 3.6.5


Brandon Patton, BS
Systems Administrator
ASPIRE Indiana
brandon.patton at ASPIREIndiana.org

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