[rt-users] Ticket/User creation

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Wed Jun 30 03:13:17 EDT 2010

Is there and API available in 3.6 or 3.8 so that I can create a ticket
and get the ticket number (and create a user if necessary).

Currently I have a web interface that collects data, sets up an email
with the required support information and sends it to a Queue Input address.

I'd like to get the ticket number and connect directly to the RT
interface/DB to do the job and collect the ticket number so I can put in
references to the ticket into the other DB (my DB) so that we can see
all RT support tickets linked to a specific issue.  I'd be happy to
continue to do this via email, but it would be better to get a direct link.

If there is can someone point me to the docs (preferably with a simple
example) please?



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