[rt-users] Help with "Correspond" condition

Raed El-Hames Raed.El-Hames at vialtus.com
Tue Oct 12 05:15:43 EDT 2010

Morning Ken:

Try this :
my $message = $ticket->Transactions->First->Content;
my $message = $self->TransactionObj->Content() ; #and remove my $trans line -you don't need it
my $message = $trans->Content() ;  #keeping my $trans line


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Thanks for responding. Yse, I do have a "return 1; in the Custom PRep area. Actually, I have tried getting this to work with the code in one or the other Custom Action areas. As an explanation of the context, I have not been able to get CommanByMail to update a Custom Field defined as either "text" or "Wikitext" if the content is over 76 or so characters. Apparantly, bith Gmail and Thunderbird and perhaps others email providers embed a line break character after that many characters and that causes a "line Break" in CBM and I end up with only partial updates. So, being the stubborn person I am, I got a perl guy to write some code I could put into a scrip that would examine the content of an email, look for a define delimiter (like "Description of Issue:") in the content and put everything after that delimiter into the Custom Field. Make sense? It did to me. In fact, it works perfectly when I set the condition to a Type = "Create" and message header = "received". But on a Correspond (meaning an update email as opposed to a create), it just doesn't seem to see the email at all. Nothing. Nada.
Well, anyway, here's the code:

# Setup initial values

my $trans = $self->TransactionObj;
my $ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $cf_obj = RT::CustomField->new($RT::SystemUser);
my $cf_name = "Description";
my $cf_value = "Didn't work";
my $message = $ticket->Transactions->First->Content;
my $passed = 0;
my $content;
my $line;

# split up lines in content by line break

my @lines = split("\n", $message);

# walk thru @lines and find the description

foreach $line (@lines)
     if  ($passed == 1)
          if  ($content =~ m/^\n$/)
               $content = $content.$line;
               $content = $content."\n".$line;
     if  ($line =~ m/^Description of Issue:/)
          $line =~ s/Description of Issue://;
          $content = $content."\n".$line;
          $passed = 1;

$cf_value = $content;

# set the value for CF Description

$cf_obj->LoadByName( Name => $cf_name );
$RT::Logger->debug( "Loaded \$cf_obj->Name = ". $cf_obj->Name() ."\n" );
$ticket->AddCustomFieldValue( Field=>$cf_obj, Value=>$cf_value, RecordTransaction=>0 );

return 1;

Thanks for your help.

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 2:36 AM, Raed El-Hames <Raed.El-Hames at vialtus.com<mailto:Raed.El-Hames at vialtus.com>> wrote:

Can you post the code that you cut and pasted to get a better idea of the problem.
Also something that I always fall into , is writing my action code in "Custom action cleanup code:"  and forgetting about and leaving
"Custom action preparation code:"  completely empty, you will need
return true ;


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To List,

I have some code that strips information out of the content and sticks it into a Custom Field. IT works great when I trigger it with an condition set for email create tickets. Every time, it works with no problem.

However, when I set the condition for "On Correspond" it does nothing. I want to be able to update that Custom FIeld the same way I create it initially and I figured "On Correspond" was the right condition. Apparently not.

I look ed in the TRANSACTIONS Table and I See the Type as "Correspond". So why doesn't the same code (I copied and pasted) that works for a "Create" not work for "On Correspond"?

My error messages (which don't make sense since I am user 146 and am a SuperUser) are below:

[Fri Oct  8 16:07:44 2010] [warning]: Couldn't enable user 146 (/opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm:1143)
[Fri Oct  8 16:12:51 2010] [error]: Group::HasMember was called with an argument that isn't an RT::Principal or id. It's (undefined) (/opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/Group_Overlay.pm:1046)

Can anyone help me on this? I just need to get the condition right.



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