[rt-users] Use RTFM as Canned Replies

Max McGrath mmcgrath at carthage.edu
Fri Oct 22 10:55:30 EDT 2010

Hi All -

I'm looking to use RTFM for Canned Replies.  I've already gotten it
installed and working, but I'd like to tweak it a bit.

First, how can I rename RTFM to FAQ (or even Canned replies).  My supervisor
isn't a big fan of RTFM (yes, we all know it stands for RT FAQ Manager, but
others may know it as Read The F____ing Manual!).  I've attempted to follow
this:  http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/RenameRTFM  but have had no luck.

Also, how can I disallow an unprivileged user to search for articles --
since I don't want to use it for articles, I'm looking to use it for canned

Thanks for any help!

Max McGrath
Asst. Network Admin/Systems Specialist
Carthage College
mmcgrath at carthage.edu
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