[rt-users] Using RT to track outgoing requests

Nathan Ward rt at daork.net
Wed Apr 27 00:38:51 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I imagine this is a common problem, but I can't find anything by searching the archives - I've tried a number of different search terms but don't hit anything useful.

I support a number of customers who I look after various IT things for. I often want to send an email to someone who I need to work with for a customer, for example, I manage a web/email server for a customer and need to email the company who runs the customer's desktop machines etc. as a new request initiated by me ("I've noticed this problem, here's what we should do to fix" type of thing).

If I create a new ticket in the web interface and add the 3rd party as a requestor, they get a somewhat confusing Autoreply message back. That's not ideal.
If I create a new ticket in the web interface and add the 3rd party as a CC, and myself as a requestor, that works OK but I have to reply to a ticket in order to get the email to the customer.

I could also create a ticket with email, and CC the other person, but they'll hit reply to all (or just reply) and emails will go outside the ticketing system and/or create new tickets which is not ideal.

I have wanted to do this in the past in other situations, for example as an ISP I've wanted to send a message to another ISP, or to a transit provider or something, to arrange a change in our interconnection/peering. I'd prefer these thing to be tracked in RT, instead of my personal mail.

What are other people doing for this sort of thing?

Nathan Ward

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