[rt-users] Saved Search with more information

Scott Benson sbenson at a-1networks.com
Tue Aug 2 17:13:39 EDT 2011

Is it possible to get custom information inside the "Query Builder"?  We 
are trying to get "time worked" based on transactions between a time 
frame to show in a custom search.  Basically we want to have a page for 
clients to log in with their user/pass and see a page that shows,  
tickets with time added between 2011-07-01 and 2011-07-31, and run a sum 
on the time.  We have a query that works, but it requires joining 
Tickets and Transactions, and selecting information from the 
Transactions database.  Does anyone know of a way that this can be 
accomplished.  Thanks in advance.

Scott Benson
A1 Networks
(707)570-2021 x203

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