[rt-users] Allowing users to set only themselves as owners

Kenneth Crocker kfcrocker at lbl.gov
Fri Aug 12 12:46:06 EDT 2011


What you are talking is possible, but it would be thru Permissions on a
Queue-by-Queue basis. Once someone has a right globally, you are pretty
limited in the ability to restrict access anywhere else. However, if you
grant "OwnTicket" to a particular group for a particular Queue, then only
they will have the right to own a ticket in that Queue and will only see
those members of that group in the drop-down list.

here's where it catches people; most newer RT folks like to grants a lot of
rights to users and at the global level. They also do NOT like to be
restrictive in the way they design the Queue throughput. If you have all
tickets going to the same Queue and then try to do this, it won't work.
You'll have to come up with a flow that puts certain tickets into the
specific Queue that only that specific group deals with as "first
responders". They can't all do it from the same Queue.

This can be done by writing a scrip that accepts tickets, either initially
(this would be a global scrip), or in the general Queue and it evaluates
some Custom Field (like area of responsibility or type of work or type of
something that identifies it) and then based on thos conditions, move the
ticket in to one of those specific Queues that has a group of limited
members allowed to own a ticket.

That's the best idea I can come up with at the moment.

Hope it helps.


On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 9:16 AM, Henry, Laura <lhenry at bcgov.net> wrote:

>  I manage tech requests in our five-branch library system. At each of our
> five branches, we have a “first responder” who fixes local technical issues,
> and if the first responder can’t handle the issue, it gets escalated to me.
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> Right now I have RT set up so that any of the first responders or I can be
> an owner of a ticket. When a user clicks the dropdown box of possible
> owners, the list includes all first responders and me. Is there a way to
> restrict the choice for any given first responder to only “self” or me? For
> example, when Jane at South Branch puts in a trouble ticket, the list of
> possible owners would include only Jane or Laura. Meanwhile, Steve at West
> Branch would see the list of possible owners as Steve or Laura. This will
> cut down on people accidentally (or “accidentally”) setting the owner to
> someone at another branch. I hope this all makes sense!****
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> Anyway… I’ve looked at Tools-Configuration-Users-Global- User Rights and
> Group Rights and all the Queue Configuration fields, as well as the wiki,
> searched the RT book on Google Books (Only parts of the book are available
> there, but I don’t own it), and searched the mailing list archives for
> various permutations of “restrict ownership to self only” and similar. I
> can’t seem to find anything that looks like what I want. Can anyone point me
> in the right direction? Is this even possible?****
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> Thanks,****
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