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Mike DeVries mike at dido.ca
Fri Aug 12 16:11:14 EDT 2011

Thanks for the reply Kenn,

RT4 is being used by a small software company. As tickets come in they are assigned to a developer. The developer only needs to see his own tickets, he does not to see other tickets coming in and being assigned elsewhere. We would like to restrict the "Unowned Tickets" from being displayed to members of the developers group. I know I can remove that globally in ..Admin/Global/MyRT.html. I'm wondering how I can target those changes to specific user groups

As to the default columns displayed in "My Tickets" I think I can change that globally by modifying a configuration file.



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Every user can modify their own home page to see whatever they want. The
queries they can choose from comes from either the basic list offered from
RT as well as any personal Queries AND any Queries saved for a group they
are a member of. They can also see thier own personal dashboards along the
top line.

What is it you want to do for them that they can't do themselves?


On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 8:48 AM, Mike DeVries<mike at dido.ca>  wrote:

> How can I modify "RT at a glance" so that different groups (or users) see
> different elements, e.g hide "Unowned Tickets" from the developers group?
> Also how can I customize which columns display in e.g. "My Tickets" for
> everyone (not just me) or for a user group?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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