[rt-users] Linking Remedy and RT3

Florian Weimer fweimer at bfk.de
Fri Aug 19 03:50:07 EDT 2011

* Holger Baust:

> Parts of our company use Remedy and our branch uses RT3 as issue-trackers.
> Now I have to check if a linking between Remedy and one or mor
> RT3-Queues ist possible.

We link some of our RT tickets with trouble ticket systems at other
organizations by using a ticket-specific email addresses and adopting
the subject of any auto-response (for which you need ticket-specific
addresses because some ticketing systems completely replace the incoming
subject line).  We also changed RT's mail behavior to more closely match
that of a regular mail client (no more Reply-To:, no automatic resending
of all incoming replies).  In general, this is sufficient to create
foreign tickets which are linked to RT tickets on our side.

Anything more elaborate (such as automatic mirroring of queue contents)
will be quite difficult, I fear.

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