[rt-users] RT External Auth and uid problem

Luciano Ernesto da Silva luciano at cpd.ufrgs.br
Wed Aug 24 09:54:22 EDT 2011



I installed External Auth, Works ok, but I have a problem with my users.
There's  +5.000 users in LDAP that I need allow use of RT, but now I
realized that RT does not allow create users with numbers in field
"Name".  So, all my users have numbers in "uid" attribute in LDAP. I
don't have a field with "Jdoe" as uid , but uid=00112245, and cn= "John
Doe", mail=johndow at example.com  .




Set($AutoCreateNonExternalUsers, 1);

Set($AutoCreate, {Privileged => 1});



=> [ 'Name',  'EmailAddress',  'RealName'],

                                                        # The mapping of
RT attributes on to LDAP attributes

=>  {   'Name' => 'uid', 'EmailAddress' => 'mail',  'RealName' => 'cn',
'ExternalAuthId' => 'uid' }


In the extension ExternalAuth I changed all  the strings "Name" for
"NickName" and seems work, but I still cant't create users.


I thought a solution creating a local/lib overlay for create a user with
NickName to use as uid number, and keep RealName for cn, and
EmailAdddress for mail.


What function in lib is used to create the users? Can you give me some


Thanks for your help,




Luciano Silva

Luciano at cpd.ufrgs.br 

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