[rt-users] Upgrade or migrate to RT4?

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Fri Aug 26 11:02:39 EDT 2011

On 08/26/2011 08:39 AM, Danny Althoff wrote:
> I just migrated from RT 3.8.8 to 4.0.1 (debian-version/-repository) just with
> dbdump and a fresh RT4-installation.
> I copied the RT_SiteConf-file into my RT-folder and tried to run
> "/usr/sbin/rt-setup-database" but it always failed to use MySQL, it was a real
> nightmare because it always wanted to change some "SQLite3"-database.

I realize there probably aren't docs for upgrading between the debian
packages, but the docs that the RT tarballs ship with explicitly tell
you _not_ to just copy your RT_SiteConfig between 3.8 and 4.0 because it
creates a world of pain.


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