[rt-users] RT Group ID's huge

Mark A Bentley bentlema at tdg.mobilephone.net
Fri Aug 26 15:39:27 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I just noticed that our RT 3.8.4 system has strangly large group ID numbers.
We've been running RT a long long time (since 2006), but there is no way we
have as many groups as RT is reporting.

Just taking a peek under:  Configuration->Groups  I see about 70 active
groups.  There are probably only a couple groups I've disabled.  I'm the
only RT administrator, so I know the history of our RT system very well.

I also see that when I create new groups, the group ID's are huge numbers.
I've always just assumbed that RT is doing something cleaver when it 
assigns a group ID (not sequential).  ...but I just created two new groups
and they did get sequential group IDs of 278704 and 278705.  I just 
created a new group a few days ago, and it got a group ID of 278576. So,
I'm not sure what RT is doing.  Seems sequential sometimes, but not
other times.

When I look at this page:

Configuration -> Tools -> System Configuration

I see...

      RT Size
      Tickets            63817
      Queues             79
      Transactions       1328880
      Groups             266937
      Privileged Users   226
      Unprivileged Users 11042

All of those stats seem reasonable except "Groups 266937".

So I'm wondering if something is messed up with our database?

Any thoughts?

This is RT 3.8.4, though it was RT 3.4.5 before. (We did
an upgrade a couple years ago or so...)



Mark A Bentley
AT&T Labs, CTO Mobility Lab, Redmond, WA

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