[rt-users] infinite 302 redirects !

SathiyaMoorthy SP jobs.sathiya at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 16:24:45 EDT 2011


We did a RT 4.0.1 setup; created users, queues, tickets and SelfService
logins for unprivileged users went fine.

Used it for a couple of days ( did fine tuning, explored the front end ),
and did some customization to front end, and changed Web.pm to do a simple
change in the login mechanism. And now privileged users are able to login in
both / and selfservice login without issue. But unprivileged users are
having problems, while logging in 'infinite 302 redirect' happens ! Reverted
changes to web.pm thinking it may caused the issue, but after that also the
issue still exists ?!

Can somebody help me in finding out the issue ?! In which case this kind of
error is likely to happen ? Any pointers to solve the issue is highly

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