[rt-users] REST interface, getting custom fields

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Aug 30 03:08:47 EDT 2011


I'm using the perl module 'RT::Client::REST' to query the database for tickets with a specific custom field with a value and update the tickets to a different owner and state.

Script works for 2 other queues without issue.  The 3rd queue however, configured the same as far as I can see, behaves differently.

The script does a search and finds tickets that meet the criteria (CF.{Mingle Card Number} > 0), which says to me that the tickets have the custom field visible to the user I'm logged in as.  Cool.

I then loop through the search results getting the individual ticket details (to get the value of the custom field):

        my $ticket = RT::Client::REST::Ticket->new(
                rt => $_RT,
                id => $id,
        if (!defined($ticket->cf($_cf_name))) {
                print Dumper($ticket->{'__cf'});
                printf(STDERR "Unable to find the %s on ticket %d\n", $_cf_name, $id);

This fails on the one queue.

Example of the failure:

$VAR1 = {
          '(sc/fr) clarifications' => 'N/A',
          '(sc/fr) summary' => 'For one thing it will make reports that are no longer downloadable accessible.',
          '(sc/fr) scope' => 'Reporting components of the *********** website.',
          'user priority' => '',
          'psm monitor' => '',
          'dev priority' => '2 - Needs looking at within a week or so',
          '(sc/fr) context' => 'Line limit is no longer required.'
Unable to find the Mingle Card Number on ticket 7152

I've gone over the permissions on the queue a few times, left it for a few hours and reviewed them again.  I can't figure out why this works for the other queues and not this one.

No errors are logged at debug level.  A restart of the apache instance doesn't resolve the issue.

User ID: 11098, member of:
Group ID: 147279 (Principals id: 147279)
Queue ID: 31
CF ID: 49

Confirmed the CF is allocated to the queue with the name 'Mingle Card Number' ('select * from ObjectCustomFields where CustomField = 49 and ObjectId = 31' and 'select Name from CustomFields where id = 49') and that there is only one Custom Field with this name.

Group has the following permissions on the queue (confirmed by ' select * from ACL where ObjectId = 31 and PrincipalId = 147279'):

Where should I be checking next?

RT 3.8.8, RT::Client::REST 0.40, RedHat, MySQL.

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