[rt-users] Link values to - use multiple CF values

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Aug 30 21:23:28 EDT 2011


I was wondering if anybody knew of any extensions that could create a link from more than one custom fields combined together.


I have a custom field with a mingle card number. Link-to value works fine for a single mingle project, project name is in the path.  Sadly, the card numbers are not unique between projects.

As such, I've created a second custom field with the project name in it.  For automated card creation, this works fine.  However, the link-to value is still hard-wired to the single project.

I thought maybe I could use a search-style CF{name} to get the value of another custom field, but looking at the documentation in ObjectCustomFieldValue_Overlay.pm seems to indicate that it isn't possible.

Does anybody know of an extension or other 'patch' to allow the inclusion of multiple CF values within the link-to  URL's?  Or do I need to create my own internal jump-to page to do the mapping externally? 

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