[rt-users] REST interface, getting custom fields

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Wed Aug 31 00:35:39 EDT 2011

> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm using the perl module 'RT::Client::REST' to query the database for
> > tickets with a specific custom field with a value and update the tickets
> > to a different owner and state.
> >
> > Script works for 2 other queues without issue.  The 3rd queue however,
> > configured the same as far as I can see, behaves differently.
> Sadly, I've confirmed this is a bug in the RT::Client::REST interface
> (also in 0.41).  Using RT's '/opt/rt3/bin/rt' does correctly retrieve all
> the custom fields.
> Time for debug.

Debug has found the following (in both /opt/rt3/bin/rt and RT::Client::REST::Forms and RT::Client::REST::Object):

	* $CF_name defines the list of valid characters in a custom field name.  The field before my missing custom field had a question-mark in it (?).  This caused the field matching in the form parse routine to fail.
	* The RT::Client::REST::Object did further parsing to break down the attributes into a __cf hash.  It re-parsed the custom field names.  Same deal, question-mark.

Sending a patch through to the CPAN.  Single-character addition ;)


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