[rt-users] RE auto refresh dashboard after back in history

Raphaël MOUNEYRES raphael.mouneyres at sagemcom.com
Tue Nov 8 04:20:08 EST 2011

replying to myself, but i've just noticed it is working with IE8, i mean 
the page is auto refreshing, but not with Mozilla Firefox 8.0
any hint is still welcome


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[rt-users] auto refresh dashboard after back in history

Hello list, 

i'd like advice on the following method i've implemented wich is working 
99%, just missing the last step. 
I've added a new Priority ColumnMap called PriorityArrows for our manager 
to be able to modify priorities rapidly while looking at a Dashboard 
during a meeting, without need to enter into ticket details. 
It is looking like this (other icons are working well already) : 

The arrows are href link pointing to an html page doing the priority 
modification, and this is working. 
In this html page, i've added a javascript method to go back one page to 
the dashboardn this is working too. 
BUT the dashboard has not been "refreshed" with the new value, as the page 
is cached (inside the browser?masoncache?). 

So now i'd like to know if someone would have a hint to force refresh of 
dashboard page after back(), or any other idea. 

I'm using RT 3.8, and here are the codes i've written : 

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