[rt-users] rt4 response mail sends the template

Francesc Guasch frankie at telecos.upc.edu
Thu Nov 10 06:16:39 EST 2011

Hi, I just upgraded to rt4.0.3. When I create a ticket or do a response
the mail sent contains the template instead the content. Just like :


I only see this in the logs:

[Thu Nov 10 11:07:53 2011] [info]: 
<rt-4.0.3-3715-1320923273-345.3433-7-0 at mydomain> #3433/59079 - Scrip 7 On 
Correspond Notify Other Recipients 

This is a new server. I dumped the rt3 database and followed README
and UPGRADING.mysql.

Maybe I missed something when I upgraded ? I don't know where to
start looking at.

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