[rt-users] RT4 woes with Scrips and email

Izz Abdullah Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com
Fri Nov 11 15:24:51 EST 2011

So I flipped over the database from RT3.8 to RT4.0.2 today, and RT is not attempting to send out emails on our system.  Fetchmail is working, pulling in emails, and Sendmail has been checked from the command line to work fine.  Now, I mind you this is a database transferred from another server and upgraded.  We see the following issue when going to Queues -> General -> Scrips and click on any scrip:
'Queue X not found' where X is the id number in: [weburl]/Admin/Queues/Scrip.html?id=X&Queue=0

Now, no matter which queue we go to, it puts the queue number as 0, and the id number as the scrip number, yet it is failing, telling us the id number Queue is not found.  I wish I could give a printscreen to explain this better, but basically I am sure something has gone awry with the scrips.

Any ideas?

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