[rt-users] Linking foreign tickets to RT tickets

Vegard Vesterheim vegard.vesterheim at uninett.no
Wed Nov 23 08:38:08 EST 2011

We would like to implement automatic handling of email messages with
"foreign tickets" in our RT installation. 

When we get an email message containing a foreign ticket-id, we will
create a new RT ticket in our system, taken special care to register the
foreign ticket-id. When we get an email message with updated information
about a previously seen foreign ticket-id, we will append/merge this
into the existing RT ticket in our system. Ticket resolution could be
automatic as well.

I found this solution on the wiki, which implements a similar idea. 

We would like this to be handled in a generic way. In principle one
ticket in our RT system can refer to several other tickets on different
foreign ticket systems. The first question is how to store the foreign
ticket-id. One possibility is to use one of the Links fields in RT,
another is to create a specific multivalued custom field. 

I guess this is a common use-case, and it could probably be implemented
in a generic way, maybe even as an RT extension. I am wondering if
someone has done something like this already.

 - Vegard V -

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