[rt-users] Problems with RT4 coexisting with other ModPerl applications

jim.h.berry at frb.gov jim.h.berry at frb.gov
Mon Nov 28 18:32:52 EST 2011

Hi List,

This is no longer a problem for us,  because we will be running  RT on its 
own separate server.   But in case anyone is interested...

When we installed RT v4.0.4 on our production linux Apache2/ModPerl 
server, we discovered a conflict with other Mason/ModPerl applications. 
When we disable the other ModPerl apps,  RT4 is fine.   We did not have 
this problem with  RT v3.8.x.   It is quite possible that something is not 
quite right with the other applications, but they have been running 
smoothly for years.  They are using Mason, but not PSGI.  They each have 
their own Mason cache area. 

The symptom is an occasional 500 error from any RT web page, with lines 
like this in the log:

Undefined subroutine CGI::PSGI::SUPER::read_multipart\n at 
/opt/perl-512/lib/site_perl/5.12.3/HTML/Mason/PSGIHandler/Streamy.pm line 
15\n, referer: https://www-test/rt4/Ticket/Create.html?Queue=26

(other CGI::PSGI subroutines too).  Hitting reload or shift-reload will 
initially bring up the correct page, but after a while all of the child 
processes will seem to be polluted and RT becomes unusable. The other 
ModPerl application web pages are fine. 

We are running:
Linux RHEL 5 (but install our own perl and apache)
Apache  2.2.21   - prefork
ModPerl 2.0.5
HTML::Mason 1.45
Plack: 0.9982
PSGI: 1.03

Let me know if interested in more details.

Jim Berry
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