[rt-users] Persistent sessions

Bart bart at pleh.info
Tue Nov 29 01:58:10 EST 2011

Not sure about the persistant login plugin, never tried it. We do something
similar where we rely on our browser for logging in a user and keeping it's
session active/remember the session if it restarts. But the link you've
posted seems pretty nice and I think it would do the trick, since it works
for RT 3.8 it should also work for RT 4.

As for the URL's.

If you know the URL then you can go directly to a specific ticket/tab of a


When you're already logged in you'll go directly to this URL.

As for search results, you can modify the home page to only show the search
results that you want for that account.
Or, you could simply copy the exact URL for a search result and your
browser will open that page (assuming persistant login is working).


Another option is to use the self service portal, it's a minimalistic view
for RT which might suite your needs a little more (shows tickets that
belong to that user):


Not sure if this is what you meant but I hope it helps.

-- Bart

Op 28 november 2011 23:24 schreef Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com> het volgende:

> On Mon, November 28, 2011 2:05 pm, Yan Seiner wrote:
> >
> > Is anyone aware of an extension that works as a status board or info
> > board?
> Following up on this, is there any way to get RT to go directly to a
> specific search result (instead of home page) and also directly to the
> history display of a ticket, both from the login?
> Thanks!
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