[rt-users] Unreadable messages from DRAC (probably UTF-16)

Loic.Mahe at rsi.fr Loic.Mahe at rsi.fr
Wed Nov 30 09:09:03 EST 2011



I use RT to track messages coming from various sources (Nagios notifications, mail sent by scripts running on Unix and Window servers, mail sent by humans, etc).


I also use it to track messages from Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC) 4 system boards. These boards send messages on warning or critical alerts such as failed disks, failed fans, power losses, etc.

The problem is that messages from DRAC boards seem to have UTF-16 encoding. The message body is therefore unreadable, whether in the email received from RT or in RT's GUI.


Here is an example (I can send a JPEG snapshot of the problem if needed): you can see the unreadable characters in the message body.


Wed Nov 30 11:54:31 2011: Request 21145 was acted upon.

 Transaction: Ticket created by ROOT at RAC-GZ76F1J.MYDOMAIN

        Subject: Alert from DRAC 4/I: [IP address here]

        Status: new

 Ticket <URL: http://rtrack.mydomain.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=21145 >





Some debug in Apache's log :


[Wed Nov 30 10:54:31 2011] [debug]: Guessed encoding: UTF-16BE (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/I18N.pm:460)

[Wed Nov 30 10:54:31 2011] [debug]: Guessed encoding: ascii (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/I18N.pm:460)

[Wed Nov 30 10:54:31 2011] [debug]: Converting 'UTF-16BE' to 'utf-8' for text/plain - Alert from DRAC 4/I: (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/I18N.pm:257)

[Wed Nov 30 10:54:31 2011] [debug]: Mail from user #71279 (ROOT at RAC-GZ76F1J.MYDOMAIN) (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/Interface/Email/Auth/MailFrom.pm:77)

 [Wed Nov 30 10:54:32 2011] [debug]: Working on mailfield To; recipients are  (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:653)

[Wed Nov 30 10:54:32 2011] [debug]: Subject: [CPTALERTE #21145] Alert from DRAC 4/I: [IP address here]

From: "ROOT via RT" <[RT'e email]>

Reply-To: [RT'e email]




Precedence: bulk

X-RT-Loop-Prevention: Request Tracker CPT/RSI

RT-Ticket: Request Tracker CPT/RSI #21145

Managed-by: RT 3.8.10 (http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/)


MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

X-RT-Original-Encoding: utf-8 (/usr/local/rt/bin/../lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:660)



I have tested various settings for @EmailInputEncodings (UTF-16, UTF-16BE, ...), without success.


Reading the logs above, it seem that UTF-16 encoding is detected by Encode::Guess, but isn't translated into UTF-8.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Loïc Mahé - RSI - France


SunOS [hostname] 5.10 Generic_142900-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-15000

RT 3.8.10

Perl v5.12.3


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