[rt-users] Customize Quicksearch RT 4.0.4

Sean McDaid seanmcdaid2000 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 08:14:18 EST 2011


I have upgraded to RT 4. I have defined a few different custom statuses in
RT_SIteConfig such as:

    default => {
        initial         => [ 'new' ],
        active          => [ 'open', 'stalled', 'next_rel', 'inv_pend',
'cust_info' ],
        inactive        => [ 'resolved', 'rejected', 'deleted' ],

When I log in I see the QuickSearch includes these columns (''next_rel,
'inv_pend', 'cust_info').

The summaries "Active Tickets I own" and "Waiting Tickets I own" group
tickets by state (ie. Active or Waiting) regardless of their status.

Is there a way to customize the Quicksearch to group by state, ie. 3
columns "Active", "Waiting", "Planning"?

Also where can the state of a status be defined, for example "cust_info"
should be a Waiting state?

Thanks for any help
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