[rt-users] What right gives Configuration in the left hand menu

Mike Johnson mike.johnson at nosm.ca
Wed Nov 30 15:49:40 EST 2011

Hi folks,

I'm having some difficulties figuring out why my users can't get to the
"Configuration" menu in RT. I've attempted to google/search the rt-users
list, but am having a difficult time getting what I want.

I'm trying to allow a group of users to have access to configure their
queue specific custom fields. I am probably going about this wrong... and
need some direction...

Let's say I have a queue called "Support", I create a group called "Support
Users" and use that to assign the rights to be able to update tickets, own
tickets, etc etc for that queue.

I create a group called "Support Super Users" and this group I want to have
the ability to edit the queue's templates, scrips, custom fields etc.

I thought you would just go into the configuration tab, select the queue,
and give the "Support Super Users" group access to things like Modify
Custom Field, Modify Scrips Modify Template, etc.

This doesn't add the "configuration" menu item on the user's interface...

How does that happen? Are they supposed to go through something else to
modify the custom field attributes of a queue? Or the scrips of a queue?


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