[rt-users] skip the queue selection for unprivileged users

Izz Abdullah Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com
Thu Oct 6 09:44:51 EDT 2011

So I have removed all the rights from a 3.8.4 migrated database into 4.0.2 for unprivileged users on all queues except the 'General' queue.  I also have set in the SiteConfig file the DefaultQueue to "General", but unprivileged users still receive a screen for 'Queue selection' when creating a new ticket, AND it allows them to create tickets in queues other than the General queue.

I am a bit stumped on this.  If I have removed the permissions, why can unprivileged users still see and create tickets in other queues?

We have, for example Queue1, Queue2, Queue3, etc.
I don't want them to see or access Queue1 - QueueN, but ONLY the General Queue.
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