[rt-users] skip the queue selection for unprivileged users

Izz Abdullah Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com
Thu Oct 6 09:59:46 EDT 2011

That is what I thought, but I can only 'see' the privileged users in the web UI since we are using LDAP authentication.  So if I go instead to Tools->Configuration->Global->Group Rights, I have already removed the rights for 'Everyone' and 'Unprivileged'.  These two groups have no rights at all at the global level.  The user groups we have defined are limited to privileged users, so this is why I am stumped removing the rights hasn't solved my problem.

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Then SeeQueue and CreateTicket is granted to too many users.

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Izz Abdullah <Izz.Abdullah at hibbett.com> wrote:
> So I have removed all the rights from a 3.8.4 migrated database into 4.0.2
> for unprivileged users on all queues except the ‘General’ queue.  I also
> have set in the SiteConfig file the DefaultQueue to “General”, but
> unprivileged users still receive a screen for ‘Queue selection’ when
> creating a new ticket, AND it allows them to create tickets in queues other
> than the General queue.
> I am a bit stumped on this.  If I have removed the permissions, why can
> unprivileged users still see and create tickets in other queues?
> We have, for example Queue1, Queue2, Queue3, etc.
> I don’t want them to see or access Queue1 – QueueN, but ONLY the General
> Queue.
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