[rt-users] Contact Details Permissions

Richard Clark noc at fohnet.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 10:06:38 EDT 2011

Just before I go off and start creating some custom fields and scrips,
I wanted to get some opinions and views on how people are handling
viewing of contact details for users.

RT privileges seem to be lacking in this area - essentially what I want
is for helpdesk staff to be able to view things like office and mobile
numbers of unprivileged users (I.E Customers).
Ideally, I need this to be on a queue level or via groups so that a
group of helpdesk users working a particular queue can only see contact
details for the clients related to that queue.

Another desired bit of functionality is allow for modification of client
accounts just for a limited subset of a given helpdesk group so that
they can add and modify contact details of the client account.

All I can see relating to this is the global 'AdminUsers' right, which I
don't really want to give out..

I was thinking maybe a few user custom fields (such as 'mobile') that
are auto-populated via a scrip based on the content of the actual field
and then setting permissions on these fields.

How are other people doing this?

Richard Clark
richard at fohnet.co.uk
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