[rt-users] Default value's on creation

Bart bart at pleh.info
Tue Oct 11 09:44:39 EDT 2011


I have a simple scrip that sets some default values during the creation of a
The problem witht his scrip is that it's a little rough, it sets the values
even when somoen manually creates a ticket and fills in the fields (they get

Because of that I want the scrip to first check if the field isn't set
already, with that I'm kinda having a problem, checking if the field is NULL
doesn't seem to work...

What's the best way for checking if a Custom Field (in this case) isn't set?

I've tried these options but they don't seem to work:

Check if the field is empty:

if($self->TicketObj->FirstCustomFieldValue(Field => 'Type') = 'NULL') { do
something };

Since this field could contain the option Problem this if statement does
something when the ticket is set to Problem (for testing, but this doesn't
seem to work either):

if($self->TicketObj->FirstCustomFieldValue(Field => 'Type') =~ /^P/) { do
something );

And a bunch of varaiaties where I\ve either bumped against issues of syntax
not being recognised, etc. (things like neq, !=, NULL without quotes, etc.).

Does anyone have an example on how to do something similar? (check if a CF
is empty, if so then fill it with a value)

-- Bart
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